The Office of Ombuds

How can the Ombuds help you?

The Office of the Ombuds is a safe place for you to have off-the-record conversations on just about any kind of problem you may have related to life, work, or study at Dixie State University. Here is how the Ombuds might be able to help you:

Ombuds Can:

  • Listen to you, discuss your concerns, and help you identify options for resolving a them.
  • Answer your questions or refer you to someone who can.
  • Explain how University policies or procedures work.
  • Mediate a dispute or facilitate communication among people in conflict.
  • Coach you on how to deal with a problem yourself
  • Look into your concern by gathering data and the perspectives of others, and doing shuttle diplomacy.
  • Recommend changes to policies or practices that appear outdated or problematic.
  • Look into perceived procedural irregularities in grievance proceedings.
  • Refer you the appropriate office should you wish to file a formal complaint.
  • Inform University officials about patterns of complaints or problems that appear to be systemic.
  • Provide other forms of assistance to help you resolve a problem informally.

Ombuds Cannot:

  • Unilaterally change rules or policies.
  • Overrule a decision or supersede the authority of another University official.
  • Duplicate existing grievance procedures.
  • Provide legal advice or act as substitute for union representation.
  • Participate in formal grievance or complaint proceedings.
  • Conduct formal investigations.

*This information comes directly from the Office of the Ombuds at Boston University.